Izaak Lauer

I’m Izaak Lauer. I’m an engineer.

I’m a mechanical engineer. I studied at Michigan Tech University, and have the degree to prove it. I was forged in the crucible of “real” engineering.

I’m a software engineer. It’s what I practice these days, and it’s my passion. I love shipping software that makes people’s lives better. I have a particular fondness for building distributed systems, cloud platforms, and microservices, but I know my way around every layer of the stack.

I'm a technical leader. I led an engineering team at Biden for President, and built the tech that powered the campaign through the primary and the general election. I led a team of engineers at Target to build a compute platform that hosts tens of thousands of virtual machines and containers.

I’m an outdoor enthusiast. After two years heads-down on the Biden campaign, I’m enjoying the winter cross-country skiing, skijoring, and snowshoeing in the natural wonderland that is Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. When the snow melts, I’ll be mountain biking, hiking, and canoeing.

I’m available if you’d like to reach out. Contact me