Izaak Lauer

I’m Izaak Lauer. Other labels include software engineer, husband, outdoor enthusiast, avid home cook, and human being.

I live in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. It's a beautiful place, different in every season, and I'm privileged to call it home. I love walking, skiing, biking, and resting in these woods and along the shores of Lake Superior.

I’m a software engineer. I am fulfilled by shipping software that improves people's lives. I have particular experience with distributed systems, cloud platforms, and microservices, but I know my way around every layer of the stack.

I'm a technical leader. I've led software engineering teams at HashiCorp, the 2020 Biden for President campaign, and at Target. More on that on LinkedIn.

I'm a volunteer at the Keweenaw Land Trust, a local non-profit that works to preserve the natural beauty of the Keweenaw Peninsula for future generations.

I'm looking for a place to ply my trade in service of building a better world. If that's you and you're hiring, I'm available if you’d like to reach out: Contact me