Izaak Lauer

When the things that I've worked on crop up on the internet, I link to them here. Some of this is my own speech, but most is the fine work of colleagues, for which I am appreciative.

Waypoint: The Missing Abstraction Between Devs and Deployments

A 30 minute talk exploring of the problem that developers face trying to deploy software by piecing together (and tightly coupling to) today's miasma of deployment tools, along with an introduction to HashiCorp Waypoint as a solution allowing platform engineers to provide to app developers a flexible abstraction over the particulars of the infrastructure. And a demo!
by Izaak Lauer

How the 2020 Election Changed Tech in Politics Forever

A detailed look into how the engineering team's remote-first focus, tight integration with the rest of the campaign, and technical excellence helped contribute to the campaign's success and will shape political tech going forward.
by Dan Woods

Building Tech at Presidential Scale

Discusses the unique challenges of building and running tech for a presidential cycle, highlighting the digital duct tape that held the pieces together and the data flowing.
by Dan Woods

Artificial Intelligence on the Biden Campaign

A deep dive into one of our more interesting and complex internal-facing tools, Couchpotato.
by Dan Woods

Building Political Technology with Matt Hodges of Biden for President

Matt talks about the philosophy the engineering team had around building and buying the software that powered the campaign, and gives an overview of what we built.
by Matt Hodges

Meet Target’s Stores Deployment Interface that Realizes Distributed Edge Computing at Retail Scale

An introduction to Unimatrix, Target's edge deployment platform.
by Dan Woods

Counting Down to Zero: The Time it Takes to Launch an App at Target

An introduction to Target's application platform, TAP, which allows Target developers to focus on apps and not infrastructure.
by Tom Kadlec

Kubernetes, Kubernetes As Far As The Eye Can See (Cloud Next '18)

How Target used Kubernetes as a compute platform in the datacenter, in the public cloud, and in thousands of edge locations.
by Ethan Sommer and Jay Chandrashekaran

On Infrastructure at Scale: A Cascading Failure of Distributed Systems

The story of a spectacularly complex distributed system problem, and a great success story on debugging consequential production systems.
by Dan Woods

The "Izaak the Elf" saga

On Christmas of 2015, I helped build a human thermal simulation of Santa, and now Izaak the Elf seems to have become a Christmas tradition at Thermoanalytics.
https://blog.thermoanalytics.com/blog/how-izaak-elf-and-taitherm-saved-christmas https://blog.thermoanalytics.com/blog/izaak-saves-christmas-again-simulation-sabotage https://blog.thermoanalytics.com/blog/izaak-the-elf-solves-santas-thermal-comfort-with-expert-efficiency
by Matt Monte and the ThermoAnalytics team